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Mardee is a Wedding, fashion and portfolio Photographer based in Port Elizabeth and a Fujifilm X-Photographer, Lumecube and Sunbounce Ambassador

Loving his travels and adventures in natural light.

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Im a creative, based in Port Elizabeth doing wedding, fashion and portfolio work – whom conceptualizes and captures life at hundredths of a second.

My mission is to evoke emotion and tantalize with colour and quality, which brings me to my obsessive relationship with my gear…
In the battle that rages, burning film and pillaging shutters – a true hero will emerge.
One who holds his glass high, dreaming of sweet emulsions, whispering promises of a clearer, crisper future. A stroll through his mind will conjure up images of saturated landscapes and the sweetest of bokeh trickling its way through the trees. Golden beads of light washing across his sensor, breathing life into images. Light glinting off his graphite armor arouses the senses as it drapes along the clean lines of his body.
He is the Fujifilm X-T2, Leader of the Mirrorless Revolution.


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