Fashion Illuminated – Lumecube

From the first time we saw these Magical LumeCube lights at the Photo and Film Expo in 2015 the creative throughts started flooding in. Small pocketable constant light cubes that whack out 1500 lumens and can charge off any USB charging devices not to mention waterproof! Lumecube is a welcome add-on for any and every photographer kit! Available for under ZAR 2000



2x Lumecubes used to illuminate a full length shot


The image above was captured using 2x Lumecubes. One lighting the top half of the model and the other lighting up the shadows on the legs and creating definition! It was a windy, overcast and rainy day which allowed the Lumecube to display its prowess in the rain – being waterproof upto 30m. things to remember with shots like this is to create lines to lengthen legs, tilting the head slightly allows the light to fill the area along the eyes.



Lumecube used to make shadows over the face


Images from above like this makes it easier to place lights in easy to reach places, having an assistant is “handy” in situations like this. Lights were used to the right from a low angle to create shadows under the chin (beware of highlights on the arm if you pose model this way). Another light was used to light the shadow that was thrown on the legs from the material from the first light.



Filling shadows with a Lumecube


Stunning colours from the dress was brought to life with a cube which helped illuminate the shadows the dress left over the legs. The natural light from the right was leaving a heavy shadow on the left of her face which was easily lifted with one of these cubes. Dresses were all made by award winning designer – Gerhard Meiring.



Lumecube used to add highlights to the eyes


Most well directed poses in natural light will allow your model to be evenly lit. To add some life into the eyes and gain reflections, Lumecube is a wonderful trick to use.



Using a Lumecube to allow my exposure to stop down enough to see details in the sky


Wind and hair could be quite a hot mess if your light source and wind arent coming from the same direction! Biggest bonus for me with these lights are the fact that the power can go down low. Far lower than portable flashes – thus allowing you to light up the background during those dark miserable cloudy days around sunset. Allowing for more even exposure throughout the image. If I were to use a portable lighting pack at the lowest power, it would force me to drop the shutter far too low and bring in blur and unwanted movement in the hair.


Special thanks to the model – Instagram: Luzaan Preston

And wonderful Fujiflm X-Series Cameras

And of course the Lumecube available online!




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