Landscape exploring with the Fujifilm X-T1 – Yolandi Jacobsz

Yolandi JacobzEven though I really love portraiture, I have developed an affinity for landscape photography, which is a surprise to myself.

Perhaps the overwhelming simplicity, is what keeps me in awe of nature, and what draws me to it.

I’m always on the lookout for active skies, such as interesting clouds- and patterns, and by having had visited the Eastern Cape a few times now, I was given the gift of amazing skies and various beautiful sights, exploring around with Mardee in places in Port Elizabeth where the wind gets manufactured, and driving between Humansdorp and Jeffrey’s Bay, seeing the biggest wind turbine farm in South Africa.

Yolandi Jacobz

Being an avid and proud Fuji shooter, – we have all been waiting for the new X-T2 to excite us in a whole new way…but, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the X-T1, still is, and stays a wonderful machine and is what made me fell in love with mirrorless. Being out in windy conditions, and having a vast environment to work with, made for my “little” camera, only producing amazing results. The more I do landscapes, the more I love them.

Yolandi Jacobz

Always have a point of interest, perhaps for your own personal reason of showing size and perspective – and then, just play. I was taken aback with the sheer size of one of those turbines, so my aim was to show nature as bigger, and my crop and composure showed the turbines – now a favourite sight of mine – as small, quietly doing what they do well.

Yolandi Jacobz

Be sure to shoot preciously in RAW, as this gives you an image full of information to enhance in post-production. Also, lens-wise – a wider lens, such as the 10-24mm, has been a trusted companion, giving a vast, deep sense of the image in front of you, and adding as much sky as my heart could hold, into the picture.

Yolandi Jacobz

These make for great keepsakes, and wonderful wall decorations, and a simple, yet glorious, natural image makes you remember that day of shooting, for a long time.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

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