Passionately Pasha – Lumecube and Video

Lumecube and the Fujifilm X-T2(full spec sheet) is a wonderful match as I’ve stated before – the ability to use LED constant light paired with a wonderful mirrorless system brings out the best of both products. Being able to see the live changes on the X-T2 every time you move the lightweight, waterproof lumecube makes capturing wonderful images, feel like cheating!


Pasha on the beach


In the image above the Lumecube was used to light up slight shadows that were created by the cloudy midday sun in Port Elizabeth – with 1500 lumens its strong enought to light up shadows in shady areas and cloudy weather if used within close proximity of your subject!



Lighting up shadows and add shine to the skin


with this image the cube was used to illuminate areas of the body that the sun could not reach – adding oils to the skin helps in direct or reflective light but in the shade you need some extra power to add in the glimmer! These are images that come straight out of the camera – Full review of this camera can be seen on DP Review  – Soon I will also be loading my own long term review of this camera as I’ve been fortunate enough to use it from its alpha stage.



2x LumeCubes used to light from both sides


2 Cubes were used at 180 degrees from each other, at full power and thus still being able to freeze the image and have enough ambient light to lower the contrast! The entire shoot was done in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth area – more images can be seen of this and many other shoots on my instagram too!

This shoot was also featured in: LW MAG

Model: Pasha Dos Santos

Photographer: Mardee Maree

Lighting by Lumecube

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2


shooting with smoke

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