No Flash, No Problem with Robyn and the Fujifilm X-T2

In an age where we all wish for the best gear and especially the best lighting systems – its refreshing to see what you can do with only your camera and the natural light thats available!


no flash

No Flash – only with the sun!



Above image was shot early in the morning roughly an hour after sunrise – One thing to always keep in mind is where the shadow is! As you place yourself in front of the model, wanting even light, be sure to have your shadow pointing directly towards your model!


no flash

how to pose a walking shot is as important as exposing it!


The lighting in this image as in the one before was direct sunlight – what I want to mention is the importance of the posing of it. When attempting a walking shot, make sure the model crosses over and across her feet. It lengthens her legs and forces her hips to twist enough to give an even more slimming line along the body! Note to self: Don’t mention that you see snakes or bugs creeping closer to a model – no autofocus system will keep up with what happens¬†then!!!



no flash

Polarized for a reason

With this image I wanted the emphasis more on the glasses and matte feel to the skin, which I got by using a polarizer on full tilt! Removed most of the glare and reflections off the skin allowing me more midtones within the image. As the sun gets higher and the time of day changes, try poses where the model can lift her head slightly higher to avoid horrible shadows over the face. With the Fujifilm X-T2 and its 1/3200th shutter it allowed me to work at F1.2 in the brightest of sunlight.

The entire shoot was done in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth area – more images can be seen of this and many other shoots on my instagram too!

Model: Robyn Irwin

Photographer: Mardee Maree

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2

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