Swimwear in natural light

Swimwear is a genre that can sway towards fun, lifestyle or even fashion – all depending on lighting and the models attitude and ability to bring┬ápersonality to a shoot.


The image on the left is from a cloudy day void of wonderful clouds, which calls for some creativity when it comes to creating interesting moods and depth – I used the foliage to create a foresty feel within a small space. Also using a telephoto lens and a wide aperture allowed me to compress the background and create depth and bokeh. The model brought a very soft and playful nature to the photo which was complimented by the flower in the hair and tonal bikini to suit the location well!

Things to remember when planning swimwear shoots is that you are never guaranteed of perfect weather, always keep in mind that your location needs cover in case of rain or wind.

If the location is very public and the outfit isnt fitting – have a towel or robe handy to make her and everyone around more comfortable in those situations!

The mirror image below was during the last moments of sunset – a car drove past behind her on a dusty farm road. This is usually a very tricky situation as the dust reflects light everywhere, dropping your contrast as well as not being able to expose for you background and foreground as you would like! The Fujifilm X-T2 has the ability of controlling both your shadow and highlight tones, individually, not just a contrast scroller which would leave your image muddy and void of contrast if lowered! I simply dropped the highlight tone without losing depth of my shadows – allowing it to even keep my saturation high – nifty! Image was shot at F1.2 with the Fujifilm XF 56mm R lens same as image above.



When you cannot make use of studio lighting you need to simulate it with shadows and highlights – this wrap around lighting was obtained with her facing an open balcony, and another from behind her. Very simple lighting setup with a great effect. One thing to always keep in mind is which leg carries the weight on a shot like this, if weight was shifted to the other leg you would lose the shape of the thigh and bum. Remember that posing this way would generally leave a fold above her hip (as has been left in this image) which is easily removed in post production.

Mardee Maree Photographer swimwear
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Mardee Maree Photographer swimwear


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